katherinestasaph asked:

WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE ALL YOUR MUSIC BEHIND. this is actually inconceivable to me!


1) I pay for Spotify, so I have access to the majority of it on my phone and tablet at any time. No, they don’t have everything, but they have plenty. And I still have access to all the illegal methods of sourcing music which were how I’d built up the vast majority of that library in the first place.

2) So much of that music was stuff I had just to have around; being free of that dead weight (even if it is just psychologically) clears a path to listen to (and write about) what I really want to listen to (and write about).

3) My plan was always to get settled, then send for my stuff a box or so at a time. (The master list of what’s in which box is safe with me.) But if I manage to get a job soon, I’m now thinking I’ll spend my first vacation driving it all up on a Uhaul.

(Oh, and to people complaining that you can’t publish asks anymore, try disabling the ask features in Missing E.)