I feel like I’m missing some visual references here.  At first I was thinking Clue but maybe not?  Anyone got any insight?

Looks like a half-assed Murder on the Orient Express parody.

Pull List

In answer to tomewing (and in conversation with piratemoggy and aintgotnoladytronblues), I am reading no ongoing comics. For a while I was giving myself permission to buy one book at a local comics shop every other week, but I’ve had to stop that because my rent got hiked. All Most of the books I bought that way were translations of European comics published in the US within the last year. (Beautiful Darkness, Lost Cat, The Singles Theory, Recounting Streets. Oh, wait, and the proper second volume of Castle Waiting, which I’d promised myself ages ago, after the clusterfuck that was the first edition.)

I recently even stopped torrenting a weekly batch of Marvel and Image comics, because I’d trailed off reading them back in November and finally admitted I was probably never going to catch up. (It’s 2002 all over again, though back then it was all DC and Dark Horse. And I was spending actual money. God, remember when jobs used to pay actual money?)

I am still reading comics, though. Mostly older comics, mostly foreign comics, mostly #spanish comics in the 80s, as you’ve no doubt gathered from the state of this blog over the past several months. I’m trying to work through a bunch of dumbass curatorial stuff — dumbass because I have no doubt that I’m duplicating so much effort that others much more qualified and entrenched in comics culture have already put forth, and also because who cares literally no one — and that means I don’t have time to do much (or any) reading-for-pleasure rather than reading-for-pleasure-and-research. Which is annoying, because growing up I had a lot of disdain for people who didn’t know how to just experience leisure instead of tricking themselves into thinking of leisure activity as a kind of work; now that I am one of those people I don’t know how I would ever be able to stop, unless in an unlikely and completely unsatisfying narrative twist I become independently (or, hell, dependently) wealthy.

(Oh right, and every few weeks I go through my RSS feed and catch up on a dozen or so webcomics. The usual suspects; I am a wizened elder in internet terms — obviously, RSS — and haven’t added a non-Tumblr webcomic to my diet since 2008).

Anti-NATO drawing by Carlos Giménez printed (among other places) in El Víbora #75, spring 1986. My translation:

Staying in NATO increases the danger of war, requires the installation of nuclear weapons, creates enemies, limits diplomatic relations, increases military spending, increases the militarization of our country, and empowers the weapons industry. Therefore…

“No to NATO, poop”

The author authorizes the free reproduction of this drawing.

“Among the most important sources of happiness are: a sense of security; a good outlook; autonomy or control over our lives; good relationships; and skilled and meaningful activity. If you are unhappy, there’s a good chance that it’s for want of something on this list.”

Happiness and Its Discontents - NYTimes.com - NYTimes.com

hahaha let’s all lie down on the floor how do we get any of these things hahaha futility and despair

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Yeah, wow, 0 for 5.

Itz Tiffany, “Dance (Neke Neke)” (2013)

The third entry for my Ghana team in the Pop World Cup. I won’t be so vote-grubbing as to suggest you tick its box without even listening to any of the other entries first, but I’m confident you’ll arrive at the correct conclusion on your own.


Which is part of the point, both of Martin’s crossover pop and of this whole travelogue: Latin identity is not — cannot be — tied to some travel-brochure stereotype of UNESCO World Heritage frozen-in-amber cultural practice. Latin people live in the present tense, and Latin pop is modern pop; whatever and whenever that is.

Writing is a war of attrition.

these are some muscles I haven’t stretched in a long time. it would be easier, of course, if my laptop played sound. 

fifteen. christ. I’ll never get to twenty.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Okay, I’m in.

Pinup pages in various 1985 issues of El Víbora by (in order) Toninho, J. Farriol, María, Das Pastoras, Jordi Gual, and Max.

Liberace, A Brand New Me (1969)

When the United States of wood and brick and riveted girders was swallowed, bit by unironic bit, by the United States of Formica® and Plexiglass™ and Styrofoam™ in the middle third of the last century, the barbaric yawp of the middle-aged soul yearned to be satisfied by consonant means. Old enough to remember Rachmaninoff as the very model of the modern touring music star, too working-class and immigrant to care about longhair ideals or highbrow cultural codes, too aware of what has gone before to be satisfied with the simulacra of urgency that imputedly fired their children. Play a tune we recognize; doll it up as you like, with all the color and razzle-dazzle and choking surfeit of a chain supermarket; perform, indeed, plastic surgery on it, stretching it out to unwieldy length and puffing it up with overwrought bombast and stuffing it full of twinkly orchestration; make it sound like everything else you do, an antiseptic perfection, because the comfort we take in the familiar is the only comfort left in a world so radically changed from the one we grew up in.


i feel like grace kelly is the absolute most lowbrow vintage icon you can adopt

I’d have said Jayne Mansfield, but I can see an argument for Princess Grace and her Harlequin-cover dullness.

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My favorite TV drama is Deadwood, which despite its roiling, perceptive, and widespread view of human nature does not care enough about certain kinds of humanity to treat Native Americans, for instance, as anything other than a mute, impersonal force of nature. David Milch’s grand vision of chronicling the intricacies of alliance and betrayal on which the birth of civilization is founded is fundamentally flawed because when confronted with the original betrayal on which all American “civilization” is founded, he blinks. The ruthless evil of Hearst is as nothing compared to the ruthless evil of every other character on the show even being there in the first place.