Your love is a cashed-in cheque, a ha that’s the way of all flesh.


Para Todos… IX.431, 19 Março 1927

Increasingly I feel I’m not even an authority on my own life; how can I have the gall to pontificate on anything else?

Josep Maria Beà, wraparound covers for the two volumes of En un lugar de la mente collecting the surreal sci-fi stories he had published in the magazine Rambla, ca. 1983.

Arditti Quartet, “Harmony IV: Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates - French” (2005)

I still can’t believe that “First Recording” is not one of the immediately available pieces of information when you search for a given work of twentieth-century concert music.



If there are any other nerds out there like me who are really into the ten-inch era of LPs (roughly 1948-1955), do a Spotify search for “vintage jazz EP” and check out the album results. Once I get my laptop hooked up to wifi I’m going to be making so many playlists.

Also “vintage dance EP” and “vintage pop EP” and “vintage world EP” and probably others.